Monday, September 12, 2011

No fixxing needed

So delighted in the Urban Outfitters blog for introducing me to Fixxed.   
Now you can be too!

Galiano in the garden

I do adore this Steven Meisel editorial for 2006 December Vogue, The Garden Party. The hair and make up - and those Galliano for Dior carnival gowns in shot 6? Absolutely flawless, right?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

It just takes two

Altuzarra Spring 2012 | New York Fashion Week

How lovely is the yellow? 




I have been the fashion intern at Cleo for almost three and a half months now, which means I sort of don't feel like an intern any longer, but rather a part of the team. I pack my brown bag lunches each day, I enjoy laughs with the team; which is honestly a rarely amazing and brilliant bunch. I'm trying (at times with difficulty) to wake up smiling every morning (literally) they say how you begin the first few minutes is an indication of what you're in for. Although, if this is the case, perhaps I should be alternating between the grinning and tossing money in the air? But I do find it really works! I feel so blessed with the opportunities I've been given over the past few months and I'm learning to say Yes! to more. I work with Ayanda, the fashion assistant to put together the upfront fashion pages and this is one of our 'workshop' spreads. I have to brag with this one in your faces, because I put a lot of effort into it and even did a little over-eager-beaver (pre planning meeting) layout of the pages on photoshop. I am very proud of how we made it all come together so nicely and I think it looks really good. Do you? If you like this, you should buy this issue and then every issue of Cleo ever after that. (While you're at it, buy one for your gran too)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Zoop Scoop

This is what I have been eating non stop lately, go get some at Woolies!

This is too good!

Today was a very long day, in fact this week was one of those weeks that dragged on for so long, when Friday came around I felt as though I'd already skipped over the weekend. So I'm spending my evening on the couch watching the Valentino documentary and snacking throughout. But lets just focus of this bit of absolute genius for a bit. I have been feeling awfully bleurgh about fashion and blogging lately and then I see something like this and I feel like 'Wowee, this is fantastic, I want to sew and paint and swim and eat artichokes' so thank you, Dazed & Confused!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today is one of the most exciting days in my not-so-little-anymore-sister Adrienne's life. It is her sixteenth birthday! It is also a tough day for me, because first off, I still like to think of her as the Adrienne in the first picture and second, I can't be with her today. See, Adrienne is my sister, but she is also my best friend in the whole world and being so far away from her is awfully rubbish. But today, all the way from where I am, I wish you, Adriana, the best day you could ever imagine! Better than hairspray sing-alongs, better than KFC after school and EVEN better than a week long video fun movie marathon. And I also hope that in your pile of presents, out of one of those boxes, jumps Johnny Depp. 

Happy Birthday!

Honestly, why the face?

A DIY is always fun, but generally repetitive and yucky. But wait! You haven't discovered's Do It Yourselfs. Golly-gee! First on my make it myself list is to make my own Proenza Schouler necklace and then to spend what seems like the next ten years working on my own Pom Pom 'bunting'. It's nice, hey? Honestly, wasn't that fun?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I have been longing to watch The Great Gatsby again. If you haven't read the book and seen the movie, then do it now! Too good, you guys. Too darn good.