Monday, May 30, 2011

Apple bottom bag

I know, I know, it's completely extravagant and perhaps over the top, but I think it's completely necessary. Don't you? 
Thank-You Herm├ęs

How to be the coolest kid on the block

Found via the ever inspiring blog of Miss Moss - Maryam Nassir Zadeh. 

Too cool for school!

Katy, my lady!

In case you haven't realized, Kate Desmarais is an internet-gem finding genius. She browses the internet looking for treats and posts them to people she is reminded of. This shoot she shared with me is off Fashion Gone Rogue and is it not just pure bliss? Shotalot, Kate D!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Give me glorius hair

I am going ballistic over these images by Joel Rhodin.

YAY, but hay, that's not my name?

I have some extremely exciting news for me and some semi, half-smile news for you guys.
I am the new addition to the CLEO SA magazine dream team! I have been chosen out of thousands of applicants from around the globe to be Cleo's 6 month fashion intern. I have celebrated my first week of steaming, bag carrying, sourcing, shooting, styling and pizza eating by purchasing a pair of massive gold leaf earrings I might never wear. Before I was the chosen one out of millions, I was asked to answer a few questions for their Blogger issue. Unfortunately, my name is wrongly spelled. AND my blog URL. [My name is in fact RoXanne and not RoZanne] But I am happy and proud and employed, none the less. 

Go Cleo, go!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kate, you now, you got your own thang goin' on.

PERFECTO! This is the kind of stuff you wear while you tell your parents you're moving to New York at the age of 15 to make a living out of being good lookin'. JOH, this is good stuff. 


Karlie, this is naarlie

I really do love the H&M Fall lookbook, 
Karlie looks beautifully dark! This is, in my opinion,  a perfect winter wardrobe. 


Lily for Muse.
A muse for Muse

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sport, Max

Sportmax Resort 2012 - Isn't this the stuff you imagine yourself wearing down the streets while something powerful plays in the background? Yeah, I knew so. 
Such great outfits, such great colours.

The Cosbys

The Cosby Sweater Project is such a sweet idea. 
A girl watches the Cosbys, she notices their sweaters, she draws them.  



I haven't been looking at street style-style blogs in a long while, spose they just begin to bore me after a while. On a whim, I hopped over to The Sartorialist and found these two beauties. Eva, looking elegant as per always; and a cyclist with the most amazing trousers.

Fancy shoot

This shoot is beyond marvelous! 
The styling is absolutely killer. Bravo, Kate and Alix!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tavi, I like your backpack!

"I'm really obsessed with this tapestry bag backpack Roxeanne sent me in a package swap." - Tavi 

Once I had finished my final year range, I decided to send a few of the pieces to Style Rookie, Tavi Gevinson. I had almost forgotten about it, when she surprised me with these pictures and the extremely kind words on her blogalog. This was all too flattering for me, so if you pass me on the street and I have birds circling my head with bambi walking next to me, you'll know why I'm on cloud 9.

If anyone else wants to order a backpack, feel free to pop me a mail: