Saturday, March 26, 2011

build a garden

Now that I am slowly starting to develop my green thumbs with my balcony garden - I would love a terrarium. This blog : is such a treat. Every image and every item in the shop. These are on my wishlist:

From me to you, Pinky Lee

I think this is the first photograph of myself on Lucy Cant Dance, but I thought it was rather important. I had my wisdom teeth removed on Thursday, all four of them. 7 injections and a half hour later I walked out of the dentist sortof smiling. A couple of hours later, I was grabbing at my pain meds, wishing I had remained my four teeth wiser. My granddad treated with to a trip to the hairdresser for whatever I like. He was the one reaching for a headache tablet when he saw me. Oops!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Isn't this nice?

y310 Y 3 Spring 2011

Yohji Yamamoto for Y-3′s spring 2011 lookbook



As a kid, I was a proper t.v addict. My biggest dream was to be able to eat my breakfast while watching t.v [My mother never allowed it]. I grew up and I grew out of my love affair for day time telly, infomercials and Yo! TV. Until recently. I have to go out and party, just to stop myself from watching the box. This bedroom pictured above, found on The Architect Blog; is not really to my taste, but gollygee, I wouldn't mind me this settup so I could catch a sitcom before I gettup.


My extrememly talented, good friend; Franco Fernandes took these photographs. Aren't they too dreamy? I especially love the first snap. 

Parabéns, Franco!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Vogue China
Pretty, don't you think?

Via Tobacco and Leather

cat bowl, sweet bowl.

AnMari and Lezane exhibited their clothing (which deserves a whopper of an applause) at Design Indaba this year. Because I live a busy life being between jobs and cleaning the house, I could not attend. So they brought the Design Indaba to me in the form of this lovely sweets bowl. Orange you jealous? I tried to find out more about the designers work, but my google skills are obviously not as genius as I thought.

Friday, March 18, 2011


I am so lucky to still have a great granny to chit chat to; this my friends, is Nanna Peg. My 96 [97 in May] year old Great Gran. Living in Joburg means I get to see her  a lot  more than I used to. The craziest thing about Nanna is that she has lost 99% of eyesight and her hearing aint so hot anymore either, but she lives on here own in a terrific retirement home; where she is a small celebrity for being the oldest kid on the block, and she still cooks for herself, does her own shopping and keeps a pretty tight garden. I try to visit Nanna as often as I can; we drink tea and she speaks of the war, her travels to Canada, New York and countless other amazing places. In her cozy flat, is a big glass cabinet filled with tactile memories from Nanna's most exciting life. Each time I go, she retells the stories attached to the artifacts; and lets me take a little memento to remember her by. The swan and the rabbit are ancient and I now treasure them dearly, to be honest, there are times I believe Nanna Peg will outlive us all!


ELLE UK MARCH 2011 - Too lovely. Every page!

Fridays hotchpotch is colour for your mother

Let's get colourful! Colourful! I wanna get colourful!

1.  Paolo Zambaldi
2. Marie Claire SA April 2011
3. Givenchy Fall 2011
4. ELLE UK March 2011
5. Proenza Schoeler via Jack&Jill blog
6. Anna Del Russo
7. Dries Van Noten Trousers

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hooves for shoes for feet

Image from The Sartorialist

mind your fingers, it's prickly

Have you treated yourself to a fresh, juicy green prickly pair lately?

I had my first one just the other day, which my grandpa peeled and sliced for me. Dayum! These things are scrumptious. I bet the fruit Adam picked in the garden of Eden was a big prickly pear; they are that good!

Family ties

One of the very many perks of my moving to the concrete jungle that is Joburg; is that I get to spend plenty time with these ruggamuffins. My cousins, Damian and Jade; aren't they just too cute? I'm beginning to think children of this age have Lucozade running through their tiny excitable bodies, as opposed to blood like us old lazy farts.

Rei, you make my days

Just when I thought I was content with my life as a fashion graduate between jobs, spending my days using the free internet at Thyme on Nicol and eating Haribo gummies for breakfast; the always mind-blowing extaordinaire that is Rei Kawakubo for Comme des Garçons comes along and turns my previously sufficient life upside down. Please, please, may I have one of everything to wear everyday for the rest of my life. I could sleep in this, eat in this, watch t.v in this; heck, I'll even start jogging just to say, I'll jog in this.

Monday, March 14, 2011

I stumbled upon Kevin Baumans 1000 Abandoned Houses project. 
Take a look - it's worth the click.

Some time towards the Christmas season last year, I found a gem of a plastic film camera for a mere ten rond from animal welfare. I have, over the last while, realized why it cos me so little. This is what came out of my roll of 36. Oh well, you see some, you lose some.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dokter? yes misses? I'd like one of these...

Dokter and Misses new design. How much do you want one for your stinky student looking flat even though you are no longer a student? A lot? I know, me too