Monday, November 7, 2011

38 sleeps

This week.
Things I adore/want/enjoy

This film

This Outfit

 Kirsten's hair here

This hotel



Also! This week was Beauty sale, so I'm loving my new Phillip Kingsley hair products!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The folder in my brain and on my laptop named: Illustration is growing. Thanks to Pinterest and Miss Mallory of 'Where the Lovely Things Are', I am learning about people who make pretty pictures and developing a taste for what I like. I don't know much about art, I leave that up to The Flatmate, but how marvelous are these works?

Jared Andrew Schorr

Images found here

Alexander Girard

   Image found here

Vincent Mathy

Image found here

Kris Atomic

Image found here      

Sol Linero

Image found here
 Heidi Burton

Go to Where the Lovely Things Are and help Miss Mallory, so that she can keep blogging so that I can get art smarter.