Friday, January 28, 2011

Lucy really Can't Dance for a little while, until I get my internetting all sorted. BUT when she does come back and dance, there are going to be a whole load of new moves for you. 
Watch this space.

Kay, this is lame, but the new things ahead definitely won't be.

Monday, January 24, 2011

My new room in my new flat in my new home town. 
Hi Joburg, thanks for letting me stay.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I feel like such a non techno geek, which is a bad thing. With the whole moving from Cape Town to Joburg I've lost my umbilical cord that is the internet. If anyone has any bright ideas on the best way to get shoploads of crazy fast internet at my flatalat, please let me know! In other news, I am still unemployed, but one pair of Marion&Lindie trousers, a Trenery tee and Woolies wedge pumps richer. How does this work you may wonder? I have ways and means, people. Seriously though, help a sister out with internet, technonerds!

[This blog post was brought to you from the Pick n Pay on Nicol. Yeah, JHB is that awesome]

Thursday, January 20, 2011

 Moon and venus, taken by my friend Julian Brookstone

Sitting outside at Wolves CafĂ© which I have wanted to visit for what feels like a lifetime of a geriatric. Just enjoyed a red velvet cupcake and a teapot of Earl grey. Feeling fancy on my laptop. I have finally moved in to my spacious flat in Bordeaux and I'm becoming a real Jozi driver. Slowly and with many taxis honking behind me. 
I'll post photos ASAP. Oh and if anyone has a lovely fashioney job for me where I can make bags full of cash to fuel my love for hidden lunch spots around JHB. HOLLER. Send me a mail, send a smoke signal. Whatever you need to do, do it!
Going shopping for proper working girl clothes tomorrow at one of the gazillion shopping malls in my area.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Knock knock
Who's there?
Orange who?
Orange you jealous I got mail and you didn't?

Kay sorry, that was mean. Don't you just love getting surprises in the post? This one is from my marvelous, well travelled, well dressed friend, Jacob. I don't hardly see him, but I sure do like him.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Apple Fizzers are so great,
I lost track of how many I ate
Buy yourself a pack
and prepare for a fun time fizzer flavour attack!

In just a couple of sleeps I'll be leaving this seaside suburbia for city life and mine dumps. I couldn't be more excited!

Kay, that is one big fat lie. I could maybe be more excited if:

I got a text saying I love you from John Travolta
I won the biggest lottery in the world and I never had to work a day in my life
My whole room and everything in it turned pink
My parents said "Surprise!" and gave me the title deeds to a small country with a castle and a rollercoaster
I had hydrangeas growing out of my walls
My best friends from Cape Town were coming with me inside my suitcase
My sisters could visit every weekend

But other than that, hellzyeah I'm bouncing off the walls!



Do I really have to actually say anything?
Except for. Right now I wish I was really rich and I knew how paypal works.

Tuesday tra-la-la

Oh meet me when the morning fails on the fields of desire
Oh meet me when I lost my part in the choir of dusk
Where the promise to lead what is right
As we both know how fields will turn white
And know I will never speak of days
Cause I know you wont count them.

No we have never grown a day from the poison we shared
And we're walking our crooked backs home
But will we ever confess what we've done?
Guess we're still kids on the run.

And no we will never be a part of the pictures once taken
When we're feeding fire with the flames til no memories gone
And the cold sky will write us a song
But will we ever confess what we've done?
Guess we're still kids on the run

And the reflections in their eyes
Sure could paint us as killers
Oh, I'll be there.

And til the terror of our time
Could forgive us as lovers
Oh, lets break some hearts....

And no i will never speak of ways 'cause i know you wont try them
But all the weapons raining from the sky will be ours to embrace
And the cold sky will write us a song
But will we ever confess what we've done
Guess we're still kids on the run.

Karolina-Krupa for DEW Magazine

I love the idea of one day owning a massive amount of books. I have a rather strong beginners collection, but nothing like the Beast of Beauty and the beast, you know. Every now and then my loving father gives my sis and I a choice of how we would like to spend his e-bucks. Now people, fashion books are crazy expensive, those beautiful-larger than life-delicious smelling-coffee table types don't come cheap. So I went for this beaut that I have mentioned before. It's so marvelous! Every page is like a trip to the paper weight for new magazines [when they still had those] So kids, do yourself a favour and get your dad to buy you a copy, okay?

101 Things I Learned in Fashion School
Alfredo Cabrera with Matther Frederick

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Guys, it's way too hot to blog! This African sun is no joke, so I suggest you wear sunscreen, don a hat eat your lunch in the pool, sit under the brolly or sleep in the freezer. Do whatever you have to do, but stay cool. I chose to escape to Betties Bay for two nights and spent some time on the beach [which is so not my thing, I ain't no beach babe] where I chose to sit under the brolly. The tiny bit of my shin that couldn't fit in the shade that was the size of my bank balance [non existent] got burnt to a crisp. So you see. Wear your full body second skin to the seaside, kids.

Enjoy these humorous babes on the beach shots. Found in beverly and packs photostream

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My favourites from Facehunter

Man oh man I wish Yvan Rodik would come and speak in South Africa!