Wednesday, August 31, 2011


In the biginning of my extremely eventful year in Jobizzle, I worked with my Mom's cousin Miguel in the function coordinator business; I loved doing the weddings most of all. The flowers! These pictures remind me off all the things I learned during that time and of all the beauty I got to see.

To top it off

I think tomorrow, after work, I may just pop into Hyde Park mall. I'll make a b line to the Woolies, skip over to Country Road and get myself one of these lovely hats. Maybe, but probably. In any case, I'll need something new and splendid for tomorrow nights Market on Main very first Night Market! Will I see you there?

Pretty new faces

''Ben Rayner takes to the Big Apple to capture fifteen new faces for the most recent issue of Oyster Magazine.''

- Lovely, aren't they?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My dreamboat


I just adore/LOVE/obsess over John Travolta; more than you think you know, more than you will ever want to know. I can't tell you why or how it started, but I have pretty much had a thing for him all my life. So naturally, when my friend Gerdus sent me this book I was absolutely, mother flipping ecstatic. I have since torn a few of the pages out to stick on my wall and last night I dreamed I met him! So this is all going really well - I still want to write to him, on the slight chance he sends me a signed portrait; although, I did write to Robbie Williams once and I'm still checking my postbox for my reply. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Buy it for me, please

I'm going through an extreme 'I want to buy things' stage of my life. Unfortunately, I'm bringing home the bacon while paying for it at the same time, so really, I dream of buying things. These nice outfits from Patouf Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection are just a few of the nice things I dream of buying. 

via: Popbee

Before you forget! It's nearly my birthday

I have this whole Birthday thing happening soon, as you all should know! I have forwarded my never ending wishlist/wantlist/needlist to all necessary parties. [pun fun] but before we put an end to the shopping and the sewing and the calling of John Travolta to make my birthday dreams to come true; I'd like to squish these lovely little bags of goodness by Jason Wu in there, somewhere between my pink moleskine and my Country Road weekender. K thank you!

Table Tops

I hope you are all familiar with my friend, Thomas Pepler. His blog is a timeline of his life in photographs, and these two up here are my latest favourites. You can see more here: myluckyundiesarered


Loving these images from Amy Merricks website, found via Miss Moss

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

College kids

Kolding School of Design: Louise Sigvardt

"With careful attention to detail, the Scandinavian graduate takes on traditional shapes with neon twists in her modern collection."

Via : Dazed Digital

The Flatmate

AnMari, the flatmate; is pretty much the most talented person I know. Here is her tie dye'd self busy with an abstract piece for a client. I begged her to leave this piece hanging on my bedroom wall, isn't it just fabulous?