Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dirty Diana

Adrienne and Ashley

My cousins and me

Hair extensions at the Brightwater commons

Lezannes 22nd Birthday

Development from the Diana Mini I won on the Mr Price blog a while back. Obviously, as you can see,[This is all that came out of my 27 film] I'm still learning the Diana, although I've never been a fan of lomo cameras, I think people get into the habit of taking silly photographs because of the filters and effects the camera automatically puts onto the photo.[Which I began to do too] Like those iPhone pics. Each to their own, I spose. But anyways, these are them!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Flaming child

Childhood flames was probably one of the first blogs I came across. Camille Rushanaedy posts snapshots of what she wears, what she eats from time to time and things she spots that tickle her fancy. I am really not a fan of blogs of girls who do outfit posts all too much, but Camille has a shyness about her pictures that I like. Plus, she wears amazing, simple pieces, which you see few and far between. Take a peak : Childhood Flames

Kane train

Christopher Kane Resort 2012

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Only fools rush in

 As always, practically perfect in every way - RUSSH


Hairy sock, great stock

How sweet is this brooch?

Visual artist Ruta Kiskyte makes gobsmackingly appealing jewelery. She says it is 'Mostly inspired by everydayness.' Flip balls, if my everydayness looked this good, I would give up my goal of finding John Travolta and taking on his surname. I'd just be content with my everydayness! 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Can't anybody find them someone who'll love them?

My not so little anymore sister, Adrienne and her talented graphic designer boyfriend, Luke made this ridiculously hillarious video of themselves singing along to Glee's version of Queen's Somebody to Love. Obviously they are both crazy good looking and don't always look like they've been chewing rubber bands so much they can contort like those weird kids in China. Take a look - it'll make you laugh. This is what they look like on a normal day:

Also, Adrienne has this tumblr that is very flipping cool : Punching in a Dream

Mooi man

Thanks hey,

Mr Robotto

Again, my little cousin Damian and his learning robot. I think he is one of the smartest kids I know. [as cousins do, I suppose] These were taken on Fathers Day right before my trip home. I've been in Cape Town on 'business' for the past week and I go back to Jobizzle on Wednesday. Mixed feelings, because it's been a joy to spend time with the family and then to get in a boogie with my crew. All good things come to a fabulous end, as they say.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Jil Sander does it again and again, and this time, it's a thing to behold

Hi Girls, look it's boys

This is not something I'd usually post about, but you girls!
Look at all of these lookers. Thanks man, STREETSFSN!

Teenage Mutants

I remember when I first came accross these images, then I rediscovered them just now/the other dayish. I really like them - and I don't usually enjoy b&w photographs. Jolly good.

Here you go, go look at more; go!