Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Too Delightful

If you are in Jobizzle anytime soon, pop your head and your body into Suzaan Heyns new store; it really is a treat! My very cool friend, Renée flew up for a visit over Easter so we took a looksee around Melville. The indoor carpet outside the front door is the first thing you will want to touch upon arrival. I finally got to meet Moira, Suzaan Heyns lovely assistant; who took us through the décor [which was done in part by Adriaan Hugo of Doktor and Misses] and the garments; all of which I was rather tempted to stuff under my skirt and sneak back home with me. A jewelery range by Ivka Cica, shoes by FINSK and even sunglasses by Marc Jacobs; the Suzaan Heyns store is a one stop shop for an outfit to make others kill over with envy; inspiration for a week ahead and a treat for the senses - be it touching the carpet, inhaling that 'new shop smell' or seeing the extraordinary lamps and ceramic hands dripping from the ceiling! 

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