Friday, May 27, 2011

YAY, but hay, that's not my name?

I have some extremely exciting news for me and some semi, half-smile news for you guys.
I am the new addition to the CLEO SA magazine dream team! I have been chosen out of thousands of applicants from around the globe to be Cleo's 6 month fashion intern. I have celebrated my first week of steaming, bag carrying, sourcing, shooting, styling and pizza eating by purchasing a pair of massive gold leaf earrings I might never wear. Before I was the chosen one out of millions, I was asked to answer a few questions for their Blogger issue. Unfortunately, my name is wrongly spelled. AND my blog URL. [My name is in fact RoXanne and not RoZanne] But I am happy and proud and employed, none the less. 

Go Cleo, go!

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