Sunday, January 23, 2011

I feel like such a non techno geek, which is a bad thing. With the whole moving from Cape Town to Joburg I've lost my umbilical cord that is the internet. If anyone has any bright ideas on the best way to get shoploads of crazy fast internet at my flatalat, please let me know! In other news, I am still unemployed, but one pair of Marion&Lindie trousers, a Trenery tee and Woolies wedge pumps richer. How does this work you may wonder? I have ways and means, people. Seriously though, help a sister out with internet, technonerds!

[This blog post was brought to you from the Pick n Pay on Nicol. Yeah, JHB is that awesome]

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  1. Hey! So i wouldnt really describe myself as a techno nerd hence this may not be the best possible option but my boyfriend has that "Whoosh" thing (i did say i wasnt a techno nerd) from CellC (you dnt have to be connected to cell c in any other way to get it) that just plugs into your USB and the interent is super fast, its 2G a month for 24 months but you pay a once off amount of ~R2000 so it works out pretty cheap to ~R150 or something a month. Pretty darn good for 2G.

    Hope thats helpful :)