Thursday, January 6, 2011

Guys, it's way too hot to blog! This African sun is no joke, so I suggest you wear sunscreen, don a hat eat your lunch in the pool, sit under the brolly or sleep in the freezer. Do whatever you have to do, but stay cool. I chose to escape to Betties Bay for two nights and spent some time on the beach [which is so not my thing, I ain't no beach babe] where I chose to sit under the brolly. The tiny bit of my shin that couldn't fit in the shade that was the size of my bank balance [non existent] got burnt to a crisp. So you see. Wear your full body second skin to the seaside, kids.

Enjoy these humorous babes on the beach shots. Found in beverly and packs photostream

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  1. January in Poland is very cold. U r lucky to have so hot all the time. I can't stand ice and snow no more. You are wearing a swimsuit, when I must spend about 10 minutes to put on my jacket, heavy boots and all these things. I loved this post, it's remind me holidays and summer in here.
    I hope You will rewrite me some day.