Thursday, January 20, 2011

 Moon and venus, taken by my friend Julian Brookstone

Sitting outside at Wolves Café which I have wanted to visit for what feels like a lifetime of a geriatric. Just enjoyed a red velvet cupcake and a teapot of Earl grey. Feeling fancy on my laptop. I have finally moved in to my spacious flat in Bordeaux and I'm becoming a real Jozi driver. Slowly and with many taxis honking behind me. 
I'll post photos ASAP. Oh and if anyone has a lovely fashioney job for me where I can make bags full of cash to fuel my love for hidden lunch spots around JHB. HOLLER. Send me a mail, send a smoke signal. Whatever you need to do, do it!
Going shopping for proper working girl clothes tomorrow at one of the gazillion shopping malls in my area.

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  1. this is a beautiful post, i love your blog!