Friday, December 10, 2010

Johannesburg trip 2

Superella- opposite the Bamboo centre

Elle Buter's store, Superella opposite the Bamboo Center in main road Mellville is really a treat. The patterns get drawn up and cut right there, by Ella herself [who by the way is a such a SUPER person.] and the garments are stitched up right behind the rails of her ''I have to have this'' clothing, the fact that you get to see everything come together so nicely is brilliant. The whole feel of this brilliantly designed and decorated store is fantastic, from the completely white interior to the hand written garment labels. Ella has such a clean, no fuss design aesthetic which I really do admire; her attention to detail is insanely fabulous. If I wasn't a Permanently poor ex-student looking for a job that pays a lot of money, but will settle for being a waitress- I would totally have skipped out of that store with a tractor load of dresses and shirts and pinafores to wear every single day.

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