Thursday, December 9, 2010

Johannesburg trip 1


Arts on Main is such a fantastic gem of a place. Driving through inner city JHB to get there, AnMari was telling her insanely intelligent boyfriend Wilhelm[who was kind enough to play taxi driver to us newbies] to turn around. We were in the ghetto, yo! You cross the Nelson Mandela bridge from Kansas city into what feels like where JLO is still Jenny. Eventually having done a trillion U-turns, we arrived at AOM. Gollygee, priveleged people who live in Jozi, do yourselves a favour and spend a morning at AOM. The Black Coffee store is too fantastic, with their studio/seamstresses sitting right there. AnMari and I bought ourselves souvenirs in the form of canvas bags, hers from the JHB art fair, mine boasting illustrations on how to get that Soweto style. Sheeshkebab, I sound like a tourist. There was also this crazy weird sound installation exhibition [excuse my french, I don't speak art] that was all these speakers on the wall, and if I stood on my tip toes and closed my one ear I could here this strange form of speech, glossolalia. If you step away and listen to it at once its like what I think God hears when we all send up those 'I need a parking' prayers. Crazy! All in all, what a fantastic place!

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