Thursday, December 2, 2010

I am making the big move to the city of Johannesburg in 2011. In preparation for this adventure, my future flatmate, AnMari and I are going over to Jozi from Saturday through to Wednesday. Getting ready for a lot of driving and traffic and hooting and ooohing and aaahing. It's all very exciting. Anyways, one of our stops on our map is Wolves, the cake and coffee shop belonging in part to Angie of Lucky Pony. I really can't wait for this, I've been reading too many fantastic things about this little gem of a place. I'll take a trillion photies and holler back at you guys. Are you jealous? Images pinched from the lovely Lauren of Glossary, who got there before I did.


  1. beautiful pictures, i love the colours

  2. aaaah im jealous!! always wanted to pay wolves a visit with their lovely music and board games for all to play. gosh. have fun on your lovely journey ddear

  3. Fawwwkkkk ... live goes by so quickly!!! Were growing up...

    Come visit Cape Town too hey!