Friday, June 1, 2012

Wedding Belles

Richard Nicoll goes bridal for Topshop - and answers some questions for Oyster Mag.

Have you ever crashed a wedding?
No, but I’d like to have crashed Ice T and Coco’s.
What do you think is the ultimate wedding song?
The Flamingos ‘I only have eyes for you’.
Whose wedding dress would you most like to design (can be living or otherwise)?
Florence Welch: imagine how crazy it would be!
If you’d had the chance to design Kate Middleton’s dress what would you have created?
A lace t-shirt dress, much like the Topshop one in the range. 
If a bride doesn’t want to wear white what should she wear?
Black, or any other colour.
Do you think the bride needs to be better looking than the bridesmaids?
Yeah of course: it’s not about competitive friends upstaging you.

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