Friday, March 18, 2011


I am so lucky to still have a great granny to chit chat to; this my friends, is Nanna Peg. My 96 [97 in May] year old Great Gran. Living in Joburg means I get to see her  a lot  more than I used to. The craziest thing about Nanna is that she has lost 99% of eyesight and her hearing aint so hot anymore either, but she lives on here own in a terrific retirement home; where she is a small celebrity for being the oldest kid on the block, and she still cooks for herself, does her own shopping and keeps a pretty tight garden. I try to visit Nanna as often as I can; we drink tea and she speaks of the war, her travels to Canada, New York and countless other amazing places. In her cozy flat, is a big glass cabinet filled with tactile memories from Nanna's most exciting life. Each time I go, she retells the stories attached to the artifacts; and lets me take a little memento to remember her by. The swan and the rabbit are ancient and I now treasure them dearly, to be honest, there are times I believe Nanna Peg will outlive us all!

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