Sunday, November 21, 2010

 Last night was my graduate fashion show at the Cape Quarter, I took some backstage snaps. This is a very quick post to give you a looksee. My friend AnMari, in this first picture, won the overall best range. Which, when you see it [I will post photos soon soon] you will completely and totally understand. Hands down, she deserved. That's Robyn, with her lovely silver grey collection. How terrific are those headpieces? Sheeshkebab. Oh! And that's my range, with the big, marshmallow looking pom-pom jacket. The models with me in the one photo were all so fantastic, such nice and beautiful people. Kay, now I need to sleep a full nights sleep for the first time in weeks.



  1. those models! wow..

    awesome show!

    im extremely proud

  2. Kill me now, i am content :) This is sooo cool, im jealous! xxx