Thursday, October 30, 2008

Girls are much to clever to fall out of their prams.

Thursday is my favourite day of the week.
Not because tomorrow is Friday.
Thursday just feels good.
smells good.

silly, i guess.
but for me it's true.

I have a big design project to do over the weekend.
That makes me a little sad.
I didn't want to spend my weekend in front on the computer.
Went to the library for the second time this week.
i can stay in there for hours.
Just browsing.
At anything really.

Borrowed a few interesting books on clothing in history, shells [for research]

Gah, how i love books.
I just don't read enough.
I start books, and then find another, and so, i currently have many unfinished books on my nightstand.

That makes me a little sad too.

[the kids on the bicycles in the picture i edited above, thats me and Robyn, that is.]

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